We Live in the Office

Part of my practice is to take on commissions that I think are aligned to my ideas of making and are of benefit to the continued dialogue between ceramics and architecture. We Live in the Office, a 2016 exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) by the artist, Giles Round displayed a working studio at the heart of the Architecture Gallery in Portland Place with a working kiln operating from the roof terrace. Taking buildings and the re-purposing of commercial and office use to domestic and living spaces, Giles Round used the visual language of facades to represent and challenge the notion that we now work from home and live in the office.


Photography credit. RIBA

The facades were sourced from the RIBA archives and presented in a source book for visitors to choose from. The designs of exterior buildings were then painted directly onto ceramic forms by in-house underglaze painters, bringing the world of the architectural frontage into the interior world of domesticity. Giles Round is a keen student of studio ceramics and you can see the influence of Memphis in the cast forms that I produced for him.