Hello. You’ve come through to the home of Simeon Featherstone. A small, dissociative step away from my current practice, Parasite Ceramics. Here you will find a few projects that best represent my practice and professional interests. To know more about what I currently do, please visit Parasite Ceramics. I also work in the ceramics department of Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and teach short courses for beginners and intermediates. Please feel free to get in touch.

I studied Ceramic Design at graduate level and then a few years later I studied a postgraduate course on what is now called Narrative Environments. I’ve combined my knowledge and understanding of both design practices to explore how people can relate to their surroundings through the medium of ceramics. It is fair to say that this is an unusual practice. However, I’ve had many conversations with past students about the lack of ceramic design practices in the UK that focus on architecture and the public realm, and so I decided that this was how I would go about it.

I nearly always work in a site-specific context, allowing each project to be driven by the local narratives. This leads to wide-ranging outcomes that I often have no idea about when I start a project. My practice is an important balancing act between enriching the project through participatory and collaborative partnerships, and still maintaining the craft and quality that is essential when working with a material such as clay. The benefits of working with such a versatile and age old material its that you can always find new ways of adapting and interpreting it to tell the stories that are necessary today.

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