Narrative Encounters

You can never have enough teaching experience. I was appointed visiting lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland and developed an International Studio module for MA students of both the fine art and design faculties. The students not only had to grapple with English as a second language, but work collaboratively in groups to fulfil the brief. Many for the first time. They identified a space or community in Katowice and and developed ways to add social value through the creation of a tool to bridge two opposing forces. Essentially, to engage with the world around them and have an encounter…


Our connection to material is losing its agency in the world, especially in education. However, in an increasingly digitised society, with question marks about automation in our working lives and leisure pursuits, it’s clear that people recognise the importance of how things are made, where they came from and our responsibility to our local and national needs, i.e. our material existence. Students were asked to use material; clay, paper, wood to develop a tool to engage with the public. With the arrival of the international climate change summit to Katowice, and Christmas soon after, the students had lots of opportunity to find their voice, seek out dialogue and create a response.