Living Wall

I’ve had the pleasure of working in the china clay regions of St Austell, Cornwall to support the Whitegold Festival. A cultural arts strategy to develop the built environment through the energy and passion of the local businesses, colleges and clay artists, and to celebrate the region’s historical importance as a china clay producer for the UK and beyond. Once a site of industry that produced over half of the world’s china clay and employed up to 8000 thousand workers, there are now less than 1000 in the industry. 120 million tonnes of china clay (white gold) have been produced up to now and French producers, Imerys, continue to extract the milky white mineral to this day.

1. Living Wall

At the start of 2018, residents of St Austell and the surrounding area were invited to attend a series of creative clay workshops and build a Living Wall. Over 100 participants rolled out slabs of clay, pressed and shaped it into decorative flowers and added their own unique touch to make this beautiful artwork a collective effort. Have a look closely and you can see all the different elements that add up together to make this area such a wonderful part of the world.

Parasite Ceramics took inspiration from the rural landscape, china clay heritage and the participant’s efforts to develop five unique glazes that bring together the artwork in a wave of turquoise and sea green richness. The range of matt glazes will reflect the changing regional weather patterns, as you can find sun, rain and mist on any given day throughout the year.

sprig moulds