Cornish Honeybee Mural

My most ambitious project to date, the Cornish Bee Mural was completed and permanently installed at Biddicks Court, St Austell as part of the Whitegold Ceramic Art Trail in 2020.

Each tile within the artwork contains a stamped image of an element of St Austell life, as drawn by local community members. These tiled narratives have been assembled together to depict one larger image of a Cornish Dark Honeybee, (Apis mellifera mellifera). In a region polarised by second home owners and marginalised former mining communities, the honeybee was a metaphor for Brexit, and questioning what exactly is worth protecting in Cornwall. A place filled with pride, localism and a strong sense of environmentalism. The honeybee is a native pollinator in Cornwall that has adapted to the climate and thrives on the biodiversity that is essential to our humanity. It seemed worth celebrating and an inspiration to us all as we consider the future of our environment, both locally and internationally. 

As PC Projects (Parasite Ceramics) I worked with local artists, makers and hundreds of residents from St Austell, to create a hive of activity in the heart of St Austell. Thousands of tiles were pressed, brushed with honey yellow slip and stamped with black underglaze before firing and glazing to a high stoneware temperature. The Cornish Honey Bee project was made possible thanks to the guidance and support of the Whitegold team, and local sponsors and funders – Nationwide Print, St Austell BID, St Austell Town Council, White River Place, Imerys, and APS Construction Ltd. The project was funded by the Coastal Communities Fund, Arts Council England and special thanks to BA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins for the use of their trolley kiln. 

You can pay a visit to see the honeybee and many great public installations on the Whitegold Ceramic Art Trail. See here for more details.